Authorised Distributor for Commercial Building Segment

Empire Tubewells is an authorised distributor for AOSmith (Commercial building segment) products. With over 30 years of experience in the building segment industry, we have emerged strong amongst the leading distributors for AOSmith.

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Pumps for Pressure Boosting

Presenting the HPW Series - Smartly designed wall mounted unit to give a premium hot water bathing experience with the new age heat pump technology. It is designed to be suitable for Domestic Applications, Resorts/Villas and Apartments. With the pathbreaking technology, that pulls heat from the environment, it is no surprise that our heat pumps reduce the water heating costs significantly, reducing greenhouse emissions, thus contributing to a greener world.

 AES Technology – Intelligent Adaptive Energy Saving technology analyses the water usage patterns to automatically heat up the water and optimize energy consumption 
 Wired Digital Control – Smarter way to control heating 
 Smart Modes – Enables you to customize as per your need. Three modes - Efficiency, Hybrid and Electric

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