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Empire Tubewells is an authorised distributor for Grundfos' CBS (Commercial building segment) products. With over 30 years of experience in the building segment industry, we have emerged strong amongst the leading distributors for Grundfos.

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Pumps for Pressure Boosting

Advanced boosters
Our most advanced booster set features application-optimised software. Here, you find functions such as the proportional pressure function used for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids. You also get the soft pressure build-up function, which is ideal for installations with unstable power supply.

Controls and communication
Connecting Hydro MPC to a computer via a bus system lets you monitor and control your booster system from a distance. This makes it easy to monitor performance and optimise system settings wherever you are. The Hydro MPC booster set is compatible with all major communication systems.

Turnkey efficiency
All Grundfos booster systems feature the state of the art IE3 pumps as standard, which guarantees high efficiency and extremely low noise levels. Furthermore, our systems are turnkey products – any system is ready to go as soon as the installer has connected it to water and electricity.

Pump hygiene
Grundfos leads the way in hygienically designed booster systems. The Grundfos stainless steel manifolds protect against corrosion, and all surfaces, connections and corners are completely smooth, rounded and without cracks. This prevents dead corners and provides the best possible conditions for pump system hygiene control.

Pumps for Water Treatment

Your innovative partner
Grundfos develops and manufactures water disinfection and dosing pumps and systems for all types of commercial buildings. We are experts in water disinfection, anti-scaling, antifouling and anti-corrosion for domestic water systems, air conditioning systems, boiler and heating systems. Our in-depth knowledge of the challenges that consultants, contractors and investors face makes us the right choice. We are looking forward to being of assistance.

Domestic water
The water we drink and shower in must be free from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus spores to prevent illnesses like legionella. Grundfos provides a range of disinfection solutions for domestic water systems that are guaranteed to keep end users healthy.

Air conditioning, boiler and heating systems
In air conditioning, boiler and heating systems, the challenge is to keep pipes free from corrosion to prevent the growth of bacteria. Grundfos has a series of effective solutions for keeping air conditioning systems clean and safe.

Pumps for Air Conditioning

Comfort and efficiency from the right pump
Pumps are the heart of any circulation system and accurately controlled circulation is the key to the users’ comfort and the efficiency of the entire system. When it comes to air conditioning, Grundfos CBS has a long history of supplying superior, intelligent, quality pumps that guarantee performance and reliability. Our controls and integrated frequency converters ensure maximum system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest life cycle costs.

Part of a bigger picture
Pumps have a severe influence on how efficiently other individual components in a circulation system work, and they exert a major influence on the overall system performance. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to focus on pump selection when designing an air-conditioning system. Grundfos has the expertise and experience to help with your selection.

Speed control means full control
Grundfos’ electronic speed control pumps give you intelligent pump operations that always match system loads. You are guaranteed maximum efficiency and a minimum of energy consumption. Furthermore, operating profiles can be adjusted to meet both seasonal and climatic changes, so we make sure you are always ahead of the game.

Pumps for Wastewater

Wastewater experts

The wastewater area is complex and our renowned wastewater technology is built on decades of experience, innovation, scientific trials and testing. Call Grundfos to gain access to our expertise within any of the wastewater areas: drainage water, surface water, grey water and black water.

Specialised products
Grundfos wastewater products are specialised pieces of technology, each one constructed to meet its unique set of demands. They share the intelligent design, high quality materials and high efficiency common to all Grundfos solutions.

• Wastewater pumps
• Lifting stations
• Pre-fabricated pumping stations with pit pumps and controls

Dedicated Controls and AUTOADAPT3
A wastewater solution is at its best when monitored and controlled by a Grundfos Dedicated Controls system that also allows sewage handling to be integrated in the building management system. And the Dedicated Controls remote-access feature ensures that you will never be caught off guard. Our AUTOADAPT3 function means that your submersible wastewater pumps become a self-controlled unit with pressure sensors that control the pump’s start and stop functions. AUTOADAPT3 also ensures easy installation, intelligent monitoring and much more.


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