Pumps that make everyday life better and easier

Comfort and convenience
Modern people require reliable water supply, perfect heating regulation and easy wastewater disposal. And rightly so. They ought to be top priorities in any home and in any new build or renovation project. Our intelligent solutions and energy-saving technology already provide comfortable and convenient living conditions for millions of people all over the world - and we would like to make your home a better one, too.
Full domestic pump range
Grundfos domestic pumps are at home in one- and two-family houses, quite literally appearing from cellar to attic. The high-quality range includes solutions for heating, water supply and wastewater.
Worldwide distribution
Grundfos domestic solutions are available to customers worldwide. Wherever you are, we are there too.
We provide heating and water on demand and automatic control of the systems. We help you dispose your wastewater efficiently and drain your cellar in case of flooding. We collect your rainwater and water you garden. In areas where water pressure is low or fluctuating, we have systems for efficient pressure boosting and constant water supply.

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