What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a type of harvest in which the rain drops are collected and stored for the future use, rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater can be collected from rivers or roofs, and in many places, the water collected is redirected to a deep pit (well, shaft, or borehole), aquifer, a reservoir with percolation, or collected from dew or fog with nets or other tools. Its uses include water for gardens, livestock, irrigation, domestic use with proper treatment, indoor heating for houses, etc. The harvested water can also be used as drinking water, longer-term storage, and for other purposes such as groundwater recharge.

Source of water has been ground water across the country. Per capita availability of water is reducing day by day on account of rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth. We must control wastage of water and conserve in every possible way.

Pre-Fabricated Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We at Empire Tubewells have immense pleasure in introducing Precast Modular Step Well Rainwater Harvesting System from 'Furaat', a design led company in rainwater conservation. We help individuals and institutions in conserving rainwater. We also facilitate Corporates to undertake rainwater conservation initiatives under CSR.   Our solutions are in form of Pre Cast modular systems that can adapt itself to various site conditions and are highly reliable & efficient. Furaat’s patent forwarded system filters rain water that can be used later for various water requirements.

Rain Water Harvesting is simple, cost effective and can resolve our water crisis to great extent if implemented & maintained properly.  It can be easily retrofitted on existing buildings.


Advantages of the System

  • Quick Installation
  • Aesthetic Look & Detailing
  • Flexibility in volume & Depth of well
  • Good Quality Precast Slabs
  • Integrated Large Steps for climbing down, hence easy to maintain
  • One Skilled and two unskilled labourers can assemble this well within hours
  • Well can be erected around bore well without switching off its power
  • Well can be assembled without using any special devices like chain pulley
  • Size, Shape & Weight of slabs facilitates easy transportation
  • Well can be reused/recycled

View the Presentation

Understand the system. The presentation comprises of the type of Systems, Installation Video, Maintenance Video, and Schematic Animation.

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